Annie Raab – The Story There

The Story There I moaned again about writing. We crossed into the park and he was saying it will be OK and I was saying I don’t know. A woman and baby sat at the fountain in the park. He said, why don’t you start over? I said, I already have a story. I don’t […]

Patricia Marquez

The Fire at Bastrop The town of Bastrop looked as if a fire-breathing dragon had careened above the twenty mile stretch of land, incinerating everything below. To his right and left, he saw thousands of blackened and jagged stumps and half-trees, trailing into the distance as far as his eyes could see. The ground below […]

Arthur Heifetz – A.M.

A.M. Why do you draw the sheets over your head and shrink from the day? Is it because your father taught you life was an aching tooth to be endured until they finally removed it? Or that friends’ fatal illnesses began with nothing more than a numbness in the arm or a lump in the […]

Ashley Shaw – Boning

Boning I’m just one on the assembly line Strung up on a bar stool Torso pierced by your Meat hook irises Hands glide along the Glinting metal counter “Let me buy you a drink.” Just slip that liquid past my teeth Let the grog sweeten the meat You dress my flesh, Pepper me with compliments […]

Thom Mahoney – Blow Wind Blow

Blow Wind Blow Blow wind, blow wind, blow my baby back to me. Blow wind, blow wind, blow my baby back to me. Well you know if I don’t soon find her, I will be in misery.  –”Blow Wind Blow,” McKinley Morganfield (Muddy Waters)   When the wind stopped, there was an eerie and sudden […]

Heather M. Browne – Letter From Speedy Stevie

Letter From Speedy Stevie I’m sorry Daddy, I made you run. I tried to be good. I’m your Speedy Stevie, cuz I’m so fast and loud. I screamed real loud that night, huh? I didn’t know the coppers would come. I shouldn’ta tried to make you stop. Or go. Mama cries all night long, holding […]

Greg Letellier – Angels

Angels At the bell, Nick and Marvin are walking unwillingly into the gymnasium. Colorful chairs are set up in neat rows. Most of the seats are already taken. “Let’s squeeze in over there,” Nick says, pointing to an almost empty row. Nick and Marvin met on the first day of high school. They met in […]


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