Micah Tauscher – Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Last year I woke up and didn’t see my brother. He slept across the room from me, but that morning he wasn’t there.  No one knew where he’d gone.  Not Mama.  Not Papa.  Not even the maid who picked up my toys when I wasn’t looking.  A lot of people came and […]

Dane Karmick – Unforeseen

Unforeseen Out of the blue your gray matter is tickled pink with flying colors you achieve peace so you’re cool as a cucumber your thoughts flat as a pancake because you see the whole enchilada the world is slow as molasses like a brush stroke over canvass that completes a portrait of bliss resembling some […]

Heather M. Browne – Just for a Moment

Just for a Moment Did you feel it stop? Just for a moment. The earth held its ground and waited for me. I was running late, just a few moments and would have missed you without the earth’s patience. I ran faster in its pausing and caught your eye as the air held its breath. […]

Mariah Montoya – The Green Shirt with the Cat on It

The Green Shirt with the Cat on It Green and purple and blue light streamed into the church through the pictures of lambs and Jesus with children sitting on his lap. The congregation consisted of forty-seven Baptists, eleven Nazarenes, twenty-two Mormons, six Jews, one lone Muslim, seventeen who did not attend church but were nevertheless […]

Ryan Morse – Marshall and the Martians

Marshall and the Martians When we were seven, Marshall and I would play astronauts and Martians. He was always the astronaut, and I was always the monster. By virtue of being 23 minutes older, and somehow much bigger, he always got to be the good guy, but he never let himself be the winner. He […]

Miles White – More Love Tomorrow

More Love Tomorrow How much pain can the human heart endure was more than a rhetorical question for Jill at this point – it was more like how much pain could she endure, or continue to endure, because every day she had to endure it, and endure more of it than the day before, or […]

Cassia Gaden Gilmartin – So Damn Warm

So Damn Warm Under the blankets she shivers like she’s out in the snowstorm, not curled safe in our bed with the lights out. I close the door behind me, but I don’t move to warm her. She’s piled those blankets so high tonight, so high and so heavy. The heat’s turned way up in […]


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