Cathy Ulrich – In Pieces

In Pieces Someone has been replacing his wife in pieces. He first notices it when she pulls a spring dress over her head as they prepare for dinner with her parents, the fabric rustling round her bare legs. Have you always had that mole there? She’s distracted, checking her makeup in the mirror. Where? There. […]

Richard Beckham II – Tell Me

Tell Me The old man clutched the young man’s arm. He clasped it with both hands as if he were falling off a cliff. In a way he was. In another way, he was burning. “Every second counts in this life,” he whispered in his hospital gown. He lay in bed, living through machines for […]

Gary Glauber – Hawk versus Crow

Hawk versus Crow No one travels to this part of town anymore, not since the 5:06 has been rerouted and the filling station removed its pumps. The sole radio station plays mostly static cut with echoes of a distant broadcast, the excitement of a local sporting contest. Here it is all phantasmal and bleak. I […]

Allison Landa – Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You I’m trying to explain to Richard why fonts matter. I’m not sure what to call Richard. Is he a blind date? Is that term even in use any longer? I don’t want to call him my internet date. The sound of that phrase is large and echoing, proof that I should […]

Megan Hewitt – Noises

Noises I rest in the bed listening to my upstairs neighbors fighting or fornicating, it all sounds the same. It reminds me of my lonely existence. My last boyfriend left months ago and trashy novels have been my only visitor, sneaking in when they are not wanted. I bang my broom on the ceiling as […]

Patricia Holland – E. B. White and Me

E. B. White and Me Every struggling new writer who has just earned a B.A. in English needs a dose of the career advice E. B. White once gave me. He had very definite views on how to write—what to write about and then—how to get it in print. Since Andy really didn’t like his […]

Reynold Junker – Billie Holiday And Me

Billie Holiday And Me A while ago I received an e-mail from the bank that controls all of the money I have in this world. They were enhancing their security system with a series of personal questions. The idea being that only they and I would know the answers which would be used to thwart […]


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