Jahla Seppanen – The Screen Door

The Screen Door He fixed his eyes on the small sun. In the distance there were mountains and the sun hovered above the tallest peak, apprehended by only one thin cloud. The orb was yellow and red. The color of Anne Marie’s favorite dress. The man stared at the sun, and stayed staring. He stared […]

Daniel Clausen – Magic

Magic Magic. You want it to be there forever. It’s like that time when you’re six years old and you find yourself in first grade with your favorite teacher with your favorite book and you’re transported to a different place; that time when you’re lost out on the beach making sandcastles with your monster friends; […]

Dawn Corrigan – To Arthur S. Hartford, Esq.

To Arthur S. Hartford, Esq. I’m writing concerning a case I hope you might review. From your website, I see you offer a Free Initial Consultation to every prospective client. I’m sure it’s customary to conduct these sessions in person, but I hope you’ll be willing to read this e-mail instead. I find it easier […]

Michael Putnam – Progenitors

Progenitors Our grandparents always found us. For years, my wife and I packed up our possessions and moved to another city. Then they would find us again. They never called asking where we were, and we never called them. Our grandparents were cordial in the beginning, said they just needed proximity. They’d move into the […]

Micah Tauscher – Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Last year I woke up and didn’t see my brother. He slept across the room from me, but that morning he wasn’t there.  No one knew where he’d gone.  Not Mama.  Not Papa.  Not even the maid who picked up my toys when I wasn’t looking.  A lot of people came and […]

Dane Karmick – Unforeseen

Unforeseen Out of the blue your gray matter is tickled pink with flying colors you achieve peace so you’re cool as a cucumber your thoughts flat as a pancake because you see the whole enchilada the world is slow as molasses like a brush stroke over canvass that completes a portrait of bliss resembling some […]

Heather M. Browne – Just for a Moment

Just for a Moment Did you feel it stop? Just for a moment. The earth held its ground and waited for me. I was running late, just a few moments and would have missed you without the earth’s patience. I ran faster in its pausing and caught your eye as the air held its breath. […]


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