Carol Smallwood – The Scent of Style

The Scent of Style    We all write with the same words available in dictionaries but what makes writing styles so different, the words put together in sentences go through sea change used by different writers? Cooks work with often the same recipes but we have no trouble identifying the food as Aunt Mary’s.     […]

Kirsten Carney – Not Everyone Can Write a Paper

Not Everyone Can Write a Paper Life as an English major isn’t as easy as people might think. Sure, we read books and discuss them while math majors slave away at finding the derivatives of multi-variable equations, but just because one sounds easier than the other doesn’t make it necessarily true. Four of the girls […]

Chelsey Clammer – The Lesbian Haircut

The Lesbian Haircut You are nineteen. It is a year after you broke up with your first girlfriend and now your first girlfriend is standing above you as you kneel on the ground. And while she is your ex now, she is still your friend because you need her. Specifically, you need her to shave […]


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