Flash Fiction

Karla Cordero – A Familiar Stranger

A Familiar Stranger I. Seven Words He’s always been a deep sleeper. She visits his face. Two flies surround the slight entrance of his mouth. She swats at their intrusion, only to find the corner of a piece of paper clamped between his lips. She tugs the paper delicately between thumb and index causing an […]

Cindy Mundahl – The Gift

The Gift I wrapped the watch in the old cigar box just as he had when he gave it to me for my twelfth birthday. He said his dad had given it to him when he turned twelve and that he wanted me to have it now that I was old enough to take care […]

Rebeka Singer – Orbiting

Orbiting Evening rain seeped into the city ground to sleep that night. The boys wandered down alleys, jumped fences because they could, and ran through the dorm corridors for recruits. They found Sharon and Ashley in their room, readying for the night. The dresser door hung open and clothing collected in corners. They enlisted the […]

Elliot Andreopoulos – Cassius, Goodbye!

Cassius, Goodbye! Cassius O’Haloran was a loyal customer of Matlock Savings Bank.  He opened his first account as a youngster to deposit the pennies he found in the street, the same account seventy years later holding over one million dollars.  In the interim he opened numerous checking and savings accounts, personal lines of credit, credit […]

Sarah Clayville – Expectations

Expectations You predict that running into the other woman will be traumatic, catastrophic, a ripping of the sandy earth beneath your feet.  You’ve studied enough Jerry Springer reruns to know that a millisecond of the meeting might prove exciting, the pulled hair and a nervous energy that drags you into actions you’ve never felt capable of before.  Your […]

Bruce Costello – The Flying Nightingale

The Flying Nightingale Margaret’s friend Joseph visited her regularly in that lonesome hour between supper and bedtime. He always sat across from Margaret on the lounge suite.   “Do you know why I enjoy you coming, Joseph?” she asked him one night, early in their relationship. “It’s because you don’t know anything.”   Joseph raised […]

Desirée Jung – Fallen Oranges

Fallen Oranges There was this smell, acrid, in her hands. Perhaps it was hopeless to look for her brother at the bar last night. But she needed to tell him that their mother had secrets. Did he know? Yet as soon as she got there, she realized she didn’t really know what she wanted to […]

Kimberly Sailor – Why I’m a Bingo Caller in Heaven

Why I’m a Bingo Caller in Heaven The first time my uncle went to a doctor’s office was for his toe tag fitting. Every night after milking the cows, he rang up to the house for an icy glass of Alka-Seltzer. After he drank it down, clink-slurp-clink, he declared it “good medicine” and started passing […]

Carly Berg – Lost Between the Suburbs and the Starry, Starry Night

Lost Between the Suburbs and the Starry, Starry Night —My cat yowled on the roof. I dragged the ladder from the garage. —“Mimi,” he said. “Mimi.” He meows my name. Nobody can believe it. —I crawled after him, afraid to stand. He sauntered over to the edge, stepped gingerly onto the limb of the tree he’d […]

Gloria Garfunkel – Forgiveness

Forgiveness Bleak frozen landscape of a northern U.S. state along the Canadian border, flat and poor, my first job in a county mental health clinic, where teenage mothers sat in the waiting room feeding babies from bottles filled with Coca-Cola and Group 13 was filled with the unluckiest women in the world. I sustained myself […]


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