Samy Sfoggia – Rapid Eye Movement #4

Rapid Eye Movement #4 – Samy Sfoggia

Samy Sfoggia – Rapid Eye Movement #2

Rapid Eye Movement #2 – Samy Sfoggia

Fabio Sassi – Last Ride #2

Last Ride #2 – Fabio Sassi

Samy Sfoggia – Rapid Eye Movement #1

Rapid Eye Movement #1 – Samy Sfoggia

Fabio Sassi – Last Ride #1

Last Ride #1 – Fabio Sassi

George Sparling – Puddle Couple

Puddle Couple She starts for the door. “Wait. How about meeting in the park?” She turns around, looks at the floor, raises her head slowly, and answers: “I’ll meet you at two tomorrow in the park under the big maple tree.” I agree. “We have lots in common.” Clara has no limp. She lied. We […]

Fabio Sassi – Three Pieces

Rock Art 1 Rock Art 3 Rock Art 4 – Fabio Sassi

EK Smith – Fire

- EK Smith

Eleanor Leonne Bennett – Three Pieces

Portraiture Photography Rekinde 089 You Will Fly with Happy Thoughts – Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Ernest Williamson III – Three Pieces

The Ascension of David           In the Clouds of Shame Of the Creator’s Guild – Ernest Williamson III


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