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Mates for Life

By Susan Monas

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Parrots mate for life, I’m told. I don’t know how parrots show love, whether they crowd and peck, or groom and chatter with adoration. My parents pecked at each other in a partnership of endurance for most of their forty-five years together. My mother craved order, but my father loved a soiled nest, cluttering the house with newspapers, bus transfers, receipts, notes on napkins, Torah passages, and pamphlets from Jews for Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. My mother forced him to take it all to a closet in the basement.

When we children had fledged and flown away, my parents sought new shelter. Their overheated one-bedroom in a subsidized high-rise, where the odors of curries and sofritos wafted through the hallways, offered no basement and no room for his clutter. Like a bird gathering twigs and leaves to construct its nest, my father gathered magazines, newspapers and letters along the walls and piled beside the couch. Dust-balls hovered like cumulus clouds around the litter, a noxious environment for two weary birds. My mother, beside herself, screeched, “I can’t keep up. “Why can’t you clean up after yourself?” Order had never been his priority. She exhausted herself tidying their shared space and grooming his toes and finger-nails, those hard sharp pointed claws.

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Deviled Feast

By Kathy Buckert

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In keeping with its name, this meal gives a devilish dose of mayhem – until the aroma of forgiveness infuses every heart within the home.

Makes a family size serving
Total Time: Nineteen years to marinate and one night to complete


  • 1 spurned ex-daughter-in-law
  • 1 bastard son who was unaware of his status
  • 1 woman diagnosed with Stockholm syndrome
  • 1 Mafioso lover who was also an ex-drug addict
  • 1 loving husband who had a vasectomy
  • 1 bad ass pastor
  • 1 informed daughter
  • 1 SWAT team

Preheat: To a steaming, sweltering, and scorching temperature

Combine: The blending of two or more food ingredients to create a mixture. He slashed girl’s faces for disrespecting him. He killed seven men. I was coerced through fear to engage in sexual relations with a man who claimed to be in the mafia and who had been clean from drugs for two months, a lethal combination. I became his drug. As much as crack surged through his body giving him undeniable pleasure, so did I. He would not let go of my sacred space. He would not let me breathe. I was his hostage.

Toss: Uses a lift and drop method. The food is turned over and over again enabling food to be seasoned with the flavors of each item.

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