Creative Non Fiction

Reynold Junker – Billie Holiday And Me

Billie Holiday And Me A while ago I received an e-mail from the bank that controls all of the money I have in this world. They were enhancing their security system with a series of personal questions. The idea being that only they and I would know the answers which would be used to thwart […]

Kyle Rackley – Wally World

Wally World Mommy, why is that man crying? A blonde girl about six-years-old in pigtails asks. It takes me a moment to realize that she’s talking about me. I slide my sunglasses from my bald head to my nose. Never take them off. Never let anyone see my eyes. Force a smile at the girl. […]

Emma Rasmussen – Expensive Sex

Expensive Sex Sex costs. First, there are the drinks. You don’t know him too well. Actually, you’re still not sure you like him, but you’d like something. You keep hoping to feel happy. Like you’d planned. Another red might help. Then there’s the taxi. ‘We can split it,’ you say, still not knowing whether it’s […]

Alex Sons – Gone.

Gone. There. Jaw chiseled and strong. Mouth wide open; a smile flashing blindingly white teeth. Eyes displaying chronicled accomplishment. Hair black and full. Tan skin conceals athletic muscles and bones. The A.C. pumping and humming as hard is it could, keeping him cool. I step out of the car and into a new environment surrounded […]

Erica Ruppert – Long Way Home

Long Way Home It’s late, and cold with the first hard edge of autumn, and the car is not going to make it all the way back to town on what’s left in the tank. The gas station is isolated, a lighted concrete patch along a rural highway, fallow fields and scant woods all around […]

Anthony Arnone – The Monocle

The Monocle When I walked in to Davies Symphony Hall for the first concert of the season, like usual, it was glowing with a gold tint. The low yellow lighting, the hanging sound-reflectors that reflected the beige stage and the few scattered musicians’ instruments already warming up, and the golden pillars spread out along the […]

Brooke Glass-O’Shea – Some Things I Stole When I Was a Teenager

Some Things I Stole When I Was a Teenager  1. My mother’s vodka. She bought a big jug of it because her parents were coming to visit, and they always had vodka and tonics before dinner. But they stay ed at a hotel and ate at restaurants, and so the big jug just sat there, […]


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