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Jordan Blum – Commemoration

Commemoration  Juliette sat with stuffed animals in the darkness. Her mother placed the cake on the table; a pink and white “9” rested in its center, providing the only illumination in the room. A droplet fell onto the frosting. Her father had just opened a window and finished taping another red streamer to the ceiling. […]

Lauren Beck – The Tiger Moon

The Tiger Moon 1997 The bulging moon sits like a giant Buddha belly, low in the sky, magnified by the polluted atmosphere and bright lights of suburbia. From my view on the ground, the branches of a weeping willow tree scratch across the moon’s surface, creating open gashes, unhealed scars. The pond below me is […]

Jake Wrenn – Immediately Post-Break Up, Explained

Immediately Post-Break Up, Explained If I were crazy—as in, my action potentials askew, my cranial nerves unnerved, a great psychic disconnect between thought and reality—I wouldn’t linger at the train stop. I wouldn’t stare at the sky and flex tinfoil over my head, or laugh fist-clenched at a joke no one told. I wouldn’t argue […]


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