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Holly Factorial – Broken.

Broken. Funny how vicious a cycle life is, isn’t it? It’s sadistic, almost. We spend most of it picking up broken glass, trying to make sense of a deadly jigsaw puzzle that only leaves you bleeding in the end. This is glass that, even when put back together, makes a window that’s impossible to see […]

Meg Tuite – Fish Pants

Fish Pants We called them his fish pants. If mom threw them in the hamper at night when Knuckle stripped them off, he followed her and fished them back out. When mom tried to sneak in to his bedroom after he was asleep, he took to stuffing them under his pillow. They billowed out a […]

MaryAnne Kolton – The Well: A Trilogy

The Well: A Trilogy I A Different Kind Of Summer —–They were at the summerhouse on the lake. Every year her father explained to her about the old well. —–“You mustn’t climb up there or remove the cover. If you fall in, Sylvie, you can never, ever get out.” —–The rounded, grey stones were surrounded […]

Holly Factorial – You Are the Winter

You Are The Winter The same way that Winter Wraps it’s cold fingers around my throat, Is the same way it feels when you hold me. I can’t breathe, I can’t think. I am frozen, I am yours. You are the Winter, You blow right through me and chill my bones. You raise goosebumps on […]


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