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Arthur Heifetz – New Year’s Prayer

New Year’s Prayer Our Father Who Art in Heaven, stay there with your retinue of saccharine angels and saints, orchestrating the celestial fanfare, while we remain below, content to breathe the pine-filled air, to feel the wind caress the napes of our necks, to see the sun illuminate the hills as if every morning were […]

Joshua Bouchard – Hollow bones

Hollow bones She pours through the doors of the coffee shop near the corner of Keele & Dundas like molasses—alone. —–Her lips are slathered in strawberry-pink ice cream; she hand-rolls a cigarette, her hair knots in an up draft. —–One by one, she opens a handful of sugar packets, pouring the contents on the table; […]

Chelsey Clammer – The Lesbian Haircut

The Lesbian Haircut You are nineteen. It is a year after you broke up with your first girlfriend and now your first girlfriend is standing above you as you kneel on the ground. And while she is your ex now, she is still your friend because you need her. Specifically, you need her to shave […]

Mitchell Grabois – A Real Smart Boy

A Real Smart Boy The minister was over for dinner Our precocious five-year-old son thin blonde hair flying off his head leaned over the table with an intent expression and asked the Reverend Do you know that there are over a hundred-thousand Gods? …and some of them have elephant heads? I wondered: How did he […]


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