Victoria Griffin – Thorns

Thorns If he had been sitting on a lazy cloud, looking down at the world, it might almost have looked nice. The patchwork of rice paddies could have been a green quilt thrown over the earth. Henry’s rifle hung heavily from his shoulder, and silently he wept—knowing that I could not weep aloud. Guns and […]

Timothy O’Leary – The Tower

The Tower Barry hated cell phones. He shuddered when trapped in a crowd, people yacking at maximum decibel, as if everyone within earshot was buzzed to hear about dysfunctional families or drunken golf outings.  He detested camera phones, users blocking sidewalks, or rudely delaying meals to photograph the perfect tuna melt. He considered “selfies” an […]

Daniel Finkel – The Salesman

The Salesman A man comes to town.  He wears spit-shined shoes and a lime-green coat.  His hair is all slicked, and there’s a pack on his shoulders.  He looks bright and flashy, like a light bulb.  I see him walking down the road, the noon sun sizzling on his head, with his feet raising little […]

Jose Romero – blueRed

blueRed           Oh, but the physicality of my thinking is chaotic. Outside of my apartment someone is walking up the stairs. I sometimes walk up those stairs and stumble. But I wasn’t always like this.           Nonono.           I’m gonna write the letter. […]

Melissa Ostrom – The Shortest Distance Between Two Places

The Shortest Distance Between Two Places           Near the bridge, one leaves Jack’s Java.           Three blocks down, on the opposite side of Main, another exits Alma Books.           The two approach each other under a patchy sky, where blue tears whole swaths […]

Eduardo Santiago – Below the Knee

Below the Knee             He did not want to see her and comforted himself with the thought that she did not want to see him either. It was too much!                It.               He did not want to think about that, […]

A.J. Huffman – Paranoia

Paranoia My mind imagines, bleeds ink for almost-profit in shades of depravity most could not even begin to conceive.  I sleep with scissors beneath my pillow for sanity, sit with my back against walls, always keep doors in view.  I walk my dogs, carry a Maglite that has not worked in years as a weapon, […]


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