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Samy Sfoggia – Rapid Eye Movement #4

Rapid Eye Movement #4


Samy Sfoggia

One comment on “Samy Sfoggia – Rapid Eye Movement #4

  1. I find this pic interesting. I have been thinking how culture changes and now to me appears more ruthless than in 60s, 70s and 80s, and how some people fit better in some generations into the culture they live in. I wondered too if as far as a ruthless society is concerned, if people do not integrate when limited social networks apart from support of family and friends can let them down, they may as well be in fields and homeless as far as some are concerned. Also I wonder if you are suspicious of the society you inhabit, if Big Brother allows suspect NHS deaths, corruption of victim allegations and so on, permitted homicide and ‘taking out’ of those who offend society, on the quiet, then anyone feeling wary may indeed feel ike a new born blinking behind a tree, not sure if they are safe going near. In eyes of God some kids may be taken as they are born, before they enter an increasingly evil society. The pic focuses on all these themes, but that is only my perspective…? T Allott Barnsley Yorks UK

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