Samy Sfoggia

Samy Sfoggia was born in Brazil in 1984. She has a bachelor’s degree in History from Faculdade Porto-Alegrense (2007) and studied Art, Body and Education at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, post-graduating in 2009. Currently, she is an undergraduate photography student.  Samy shoots with film cameras and primarily with black and white negative film scanned and digitally altered (assemblies, color inversion, drawings on the tablet). Her work is influenced by movies (David Lynch) and literature (Franz Kafka). She tries to represent the subconscious mind by creating fantastic imagery and by juxtaposing elements that seem to contradict each other. Her pictures are like frames of an unconscious deliberately incoherent and illogical.

Rapid Eye Movement #1
Rapid Eye Movement #2
Rapid Eye Movement #4