The Who, the What, the Why

Founded in 2012, The Bookends Review is an independent creative arts journal dedicated to bringing you the best original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, essays, book reviews, and visual/musical works from around the world. General inquiries can be sent to

Jordan Blum (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

Jordan Blum holds an MFA in fiction and teaches composition and creative writing at several colleges/universities. He’s published creative and/or scholarly pieces in several places, including Connotation Press, The Prague Review, FictionBrigade, Eunoia Review, and Burningword Literary Journal; likewise, his work can be found in the following anthologies: Exquisite Quartet Anthology 2012, Strangers of Different Ink, and Scar Publication’s Need to Know Basis (redacted edition), among others. He also serves as an Associate Editor at Popmatters and a contributor to The Big Takeover, Rebel Noise, Rock Society, The Lit Pub, and Examiner/AXS. Feel free to follow him on Facebook and/or Twitter, as well as email him at

Spencer Hayes (Founder & Managing Editor)

Spencer Hayes lives and writes in Philadelphia. His stories have appeared in TINGE Magazine, Bluestem, and elsewhere. He currently attends the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law. You can email him at

Madison Parrotta (Fiction & Creative Nonfiction Editor)

Madison Parrotta is currently studying Theatre and English at Rider University. She is also a copy editor for The Daily Geekette. You can email her at

Cathy T. Colborn (Poetry Editor)

Cathy T. Colborn is the author of Madame Lola’s Marvelously Amazing Medicine Show and Stoned in Paris. She was also anthologized in Big River Poetry Review and Outrider Press (Family Gatherings), and her poetry has appeared in Transient Magazine (and will appear in the upcoming Scars and Tattoos: Our Stories on Our Skin). In her spare time, Catt loves to post audio recordings and work as a voice over actress. She is currently teaching English Composition at Camden County College, NJ. You can email her at