Interview w/ Moira Allen

By Carol Smallwood & Moira Allen

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Moira Allen

Founder/Editor-in-Chief of editor of and freelance writer since 1979, Moira Allen is the author of several hundred published articles, and three books on writing published by Allworth Press: Writing.comThe Writer’s Guide to Queries, Pitches, and Proposals, and Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer (now in its 3rd edition). Allen has also served as the editor of the national magazine Dog Fancy, as well as the editor of several online/electronic publications. I first came across Moira Allen’s writing articles in Working Writer and her practical suggestions helped my writing and the often confusing submission process.…

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By Laton Carter

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I am not a healer. It
is true I was born in a thunderstorm.

To understand the world completely
is to forgo living in it. You’re wanting

a myth to ease the paralysis
of confusion and worry. I

am your myth. But as it is with
any chosen one, choosing

was never an option for me. I would
choose against it. My own body

fails. But I sense the desperation
in your gaze. Time, like weather,

breaks down the physical world. What is
undiminished is the panic for something holy.

Laton Carter

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By Katherine Sinback

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My boom box teetered on the limestone boulder next to the pigpen.  Cousin Libby put it there, unconcerned by my catch of breath when metal scraped rock.  The boombox, my only birthday present when I turned thirteen last week, was now scarred by scratches.

“Why didn’t you put it on the grass?” I asked before I saw the puddle beside the boulder, a spray of rust-colored dots on the dirt.

“So that’s what all that ruckus was about.”  Libby skimmed her pinky over the surface of the puddle, then tried to trace a heart on the faded wooden plank of the pigpen. …

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Amy and Sergei

By Andy Betz

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Centered on a small island on the River Lee is Cork, the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland. Nestled just north of the English Market and just west of Cork Harbor, lies the Mutton Lane Inn. A favorite of the early afternoon crowd (opening at 2 pm on Sunday) and the late night couples desiring quaint conditions include candle illumination, small oak tables, and in excess of 600 varieties of beer. Whether a local or a traveler from afar, this small pub sees its shares of love stories and heartache.

This story is not about the Mutton Lane Inn, rather, it pertains to true love found and true love easily lost.…

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