Cover to Cover with . . . Arthur Davis

By Jordan Blum & Arthur Davis

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Arthur Davis

Arthur Davis is a management consultant who has been quoted in The New York Times and Crain’s New York Business, plus interviewed on New York TV News Channel 1. He has advised The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, Senator John McCain’s investigating committee on boxing reform, and testified as an expert witness before the New York State Commission on Corruption in Boxing. Over eighty original tales of horror, dark fantasy, magical realism, science fiction, speculative fiction, mystery/crime, and epic adventure, as well as literary fiction, have been published, with another two dozen as reprints. He was featured in a quarterly, single author anthology, nominated for a Pushcart Prize and received Honorable Mention in Otto Penzler’s Best American Mystery Stories 2017. Find him here.

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Jordan Blum speaks with Davis about the fiction he’s published at The Bookends Review, his creative process, the influence of boxing and New York on his work, The Twilight Zone, and many other things.

– Arthur Davis

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To the Lot of You

By Jacquelline Faithe Price

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To the Lot of You,

It has come to my attention that you desire that I explain, no, defend myself. I, the daughter of the multi-billion elite, found to be partying, sexing, drugging, and doing all manner of things many of you do without the same level of scrutiny. While normally I would tell you outright to go f*^! yourselves, an event occurred in my life yesterday that I deem worthy of international pop culture awareness. Hence my decision to post this publicly on your celebrity “news” website.

In high school, my parents hired a boy of 21 just beginning college to tutor me. In his presence, I did most of those things you accused me of then—I paraded around in my bath towel, played with the bits of hair that extended to his cheek, and attempted every manner of seduction. He was very kind in his refusals, but he refused nonetheless. Eventually, I grew tired of my own behavior, and I eventually let him do what he was there to do—tutor me. It was then I realized what my banality caused me to miss.…

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Struggle Against Filling and Falling Apart

By Amanda Stovicek

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It starts like threading yarn in a needle threading the vein
turning red pulling vocal cord blood and muscle

the things that grow in you like algae
blooming on a lake as blue as agate or turquoise—

do you want to be that lake? Maybe the granite beneath
it? The pull of iron the streams turning to rust?

You become flotsam on the shore:
driftwood pine needles blush herb and sunrise gore

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Taking Measures

By C. Wade Bentley

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I wrap them like fine china in layers
of old newspapers and bubble wrap
still I know that the moving man

will drop the box or hit a pothole
on that bad stretch of road heading
out of town and something will crack.

All spring I have watched song
sparrows readying their nest in the rotting
crotch of a birch tree, laying in twigs

and leaves and feathers, lacing it up
string pulled from the canvas
deck chairs, only to have the arborist

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By Glen Armstrong

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More than a stirring, more than a rag soaked in gasoline, these nights in the streets are about need.

It all gets televised, and television is about something else: a box or a flattened box, a profound stillness masquerading as movement.

No Future becomes a slogan, and then we move on. We live the No.

A billion smaller boxes. Little coffins for ideas.

There’ll be time enough for mindlessness. A spoon and a melting lawn gnome.

I want to inject my cell phone. Smart drugs. Traffic cones. Dunce caps. Safety orange. Blaze orange. 

We gorge on that which muddies up the blood.

Glen Armstrong

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