Fear of Falling

By Sally Gradle

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Anxiety announces itself with a desperate dog paddle
when there is no water in sight. Some alarm code pierces,
and creates a black hole in you, whooshing.
All those restless moments freeze you,
remembered in your limbs as reasons you should not,
dare not face a fall.

You know fear like a personal guide to pain who spins
out the complicated story
that sits on the edge of one truth.
But there are others.

Suppose that one day you try another ending
that is just a little experiment, a small kitten-like thing
that is curious, and tenacious.
Suppose that you can dance with this different ending,
and that a breathless swoop
reclaims you, a sudden unexpected tune
ends with the sound of feathers falling.

Just suppose. Perhaps such an ending
has merits saved for later.

Sally Gradle