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Fabio Sassi – Three Pieces

Rock Art 1 Rock Art 3 Rock Art 4 – Fabio Sassi

Len Kuntz – Carnies

Carnies   —–At the carnival, my father holds my hand for the first time, his skin damp like a bed sheet. —–The bearded lady is obese with a sleeveless dress that shows her armpit hair. My father says, “People can be whatever they damn well please,” and maybe the bearded lady hears because she starts […]

Eric Müller – Beg, Borrow or Busk

Beg, Borrow or Busk On entering school in Eugene, Oregon, Edmund realized how radically different our family was compared to most American families, and he got increasingly embarrassed about all our traditions, customs and my nonconformist quirks, like playing music in public spaces. For a while I didn’t go anywhere without my pennywhistle (and sundry […]

Gary Beck – Portrait of the Lower East Side – 1955

PORTRAIT OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE – 1955 – From Rude Awakenings The Lower East Side is a place of energetic life. It has none of the rigidity of a sterile rich neighborhood, or the envy of the middle income areas. Poverty and want make all slum dwellers kin, despite their outward unawareness; for since […]

Mary Stone Dockery – Two Poems

The Graves We Dig Are filled with syringes. Our lips are torn, blood smears the four walls. Someone took a match to letters etched by our teeth. The scent of charcoal. We have been digging for years. The stars are suddenly closer. Some have even exploded, drifting onto us with the soil of the sky. We must be digging […]


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