Just for a Moment

By Heather M. Browne

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Did you feel it stop?
Just for a moment.
The earth held its ground and waited for me.
I was running late, just a few moments
and would have missed you
without the earth’s patience.
I ran faster in its pausing
and caught your eye
as the air held its breath.
Did my pounding feet
match your heart?

I was flushed from racing,
a bit out of breath.
I wonder if you thought that, you?
And so we met,
just for that moment.
Me, rosy and breathless,
you, dressed lovely in your suit and tie
standing in line waiting for
“Yes, I’d like that.  We can share.”
Tuna and tea for two.

Is that how love happens?
The earth’s master plan shuddering in earthquakes,
whispering in raindrops and pausing in moments?

Did you feel the surge within when it re-started?
Or did your heart think it solely my face?
Not knowing the earth’s conspiracy between us.

– Heather M. Browne