On Mercy Street

By Claudia Serea

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I was on a bus with some old ladies,
driving really fast
because the border was closing.

The bus pulled into an empty lot
surrounded by trees,
and the trees were blown to bits,
and I thought We’ll just have to run for it
to make it through on time

I ran to the store
to get some bread rolls,
and the store was blown to bits,
and I thought Oh, it has started,
I gotta get those rolls

I ran to the school
to pick up my daughter
and the school was blown to bits,

and I thought Oh, God, it has started,
or maybe it never stopped

And I ran on the street
and the buildings were blown to bits,
shreds and splintered furniture
hanging on facades,
the pavement covered
in ashes and dust,
white papers everywhere,
up to my ankles and knees.

Oh, it has started, all right.

Then I saw the police
and the woman who blew herself to bits,
popped like a water balloon,

and I was on Mercy Street,
and I knew it has started
and never ever stopped.

Claudia Serea