Present Eventually

By Penney Knightly

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I. Then & Foreshadow

Blank page, dredged out fish bone
not so different, containers of what will be
and was.

Fossils. Left impressions, vestiges
in sand and smoke, crumbs of old
mixed with new light and sound.

II. Now, with Breathing

The living telephone wire. A laugh
I just had with you
ran over by the impulse of a cycling dryer.
Back to bleach and white,
penciled spheres around words
from a Yellow Pages. I see Psychotherapy,
there is only one name.

III. Will Be & Done

Attached. Rock long tied to rope and legs,
cleanly cast off. The boat gone by. Time under.

Dishes done. Stagnant water over dead wine
glasses solitary and crisp in the cupboard, little baptism commenced,
crinkle-cuts in skin tighten. A little blood made me. Unremembered scars.

– Penney Knightly