Cover to Cover with . . . Justin Grimbol

By Jordan Blum & Justin Grimbol

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Justin Grimbol

Justin Grimbol’s parents were Presbyterian Ministers. They raised him on the east end of Long Island in a town called Sag Harbor. He attended Green Mountain College in Vermont where he wrote for the school paper. After dropping out, he moved into his girlfriend Heather’s dorm room where he wrote his first book, Drinking Until Morning. He and Heather eventually moved around the country together. They lived in Astoria (Oregon), Portland (Maine), Racine (Wisconsin), Oneonta (New York), and are now back in Vermont, where they met. He has published some books. His most recent is Mud Season, which was published by ATLATL Press.

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Jordan Blum shoots the breeze with Grimbol regarding Mud Season, writing in general, nature, horror, punk and metal music, and much more. Check it out!


Justin Grimbol