cover to cover with . . . Nathaniel Bellows

By Jordan Blum & Nathaniel Bellows

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Nathaniel Bellows (Credit: Ethan Hill)

An up-and-coming yet substantially celebrated creator, New York novelist, poet, visual artist, and musician Nathaniel Bellows is multitalented, to say the least. Thus far, he’s published two novels (On This Day and Nan: A Novel in Stories), a collection of poetry (Why Speak?), and several musical works. On March 30th, he’ll be issuing his second solo album, Swan and Wolf, a poignant collection of singer/songwriter gems.

On this episode of Cover to Cover with . . ., Editor-in-Chief Jordan Blum chats with Bellows about his various artistic outlets, the value of an MFA program, the splendor of Joanna Newsom’s Divers, and much more.


Nathaniel Bellows