Short Story

Austin Eichelberger – On Having Faith

On Having Faith Mid-afternoon sunlight filtered into the Hayfords’ living room, throwing long, thin shadows across the carpet and softly illuminating objects in the room: the bookshelf, creased spines of mysteries and romances lined up beside photo albums, auto repair manuals; the plaid couch, matching crocheted doilies on each arm; the wood laminate china cabinet, […]

M.E. McMullen – To Create Such a Thing

To Create Such a Thing To create such a thing requires a quality eluding precise definition. It requires the right combination, if you like, of insight and insanity. The silent rat-tat-tats of my neighbor’s creativity come to mind. I call them rat-tat-tats to allude to the soundless quality of the noise of creativity. Now, letters […]

M. E. McMullen – Dream Three

Dream Three They’re always throwing goodness at you, But with a little bit of luck, a man can duck. —Lerner and Lowe ‘If you’re six four and weigh two hundred eighty pounds, maybe you should give up your dream of becoming a jockey.’ Those are the immortal words of the mythic Prussian martial philosopher, Hans Aough, […]

C.J. Arellano – Eating Several of One Thing

Eating Several of One Thing Ever since I was a kid, my mother and I knew my dad was attracted to men. My mom would stumble upon matchbooks with strange handwriting, phone calls, and, toward the end of the marriage, text messages. Most were from men, some from women, some she knew, most she didn’t. […]

MaryAnne Kolton – The Well: A Trilogy

The Well: A Trilogy I A Different Kind Of Summer —–They were at the summerhouse on the lake. Every year her father explained to her about the old well. —–“You mustn’t climb up there or remove the cover. If you fall in, Sylvie, you can never, ever get out.” —–The rounded, grey stones were surrounded […]

Brendan McDonnell – Still

Still She was the prettiest girl you ever loved, but she tortured you like the Inquisition. She’d bawl that she loved you one minute, flirt with your friends the next. Every few weeks you’d break it off, for good this time, until she scratched at your apartment door to toy with your heart like a […]

Chris Castle – Betsy’s Buttons

Betsy’s Buttons How did she do it? That was what Kristy Ambrose was thinking as she staggered into the bathroom that day. She ran her head under the cold tap and stepped into the shower. Somewhere, Betsy was climbing out of her bed and would soon start tearing around the house until it was time […]


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