By Kim Peter Kovac

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In the name of the former and of the latter and of their holocaust. Allmen.
-James Joyce

1.  Los Alamos, New Mexico
Theologians exploring crucibles and intersections of faith light upon the fact that Trinity, where the secret gang detonated the Gadget, was likely christened after a verse by John Donne: “batter my heart, three person’d God”. Multi-armed Vishnu is present as well: “I am become death, destroyer of worlds”.

2. Hiroshima, Japan
Archeologists exploring the ruined city discover a ruined statue of a young girl holding a ruined steel origami crane over her head near images of people burned into battered concrete buildings. Words are carved in the broken stone beneath the broken girl: “This is our cry, this is our prayer – peace”.

3.  Jornado del Muerto, New Mexico
Geologists exploring the depths of the ancient tunnel in the Jornado del Muerto desert discover a cathedral carved from the heart of a deposit of salmon-tinged salt full of steel drums, all pretty and dressed in yellow and pink trefoil. They are filled with radioactive waste with a shelf-life of 10,000 years, once sealed, now shearing open from pressure of salt-shift.

– Kim Peter Kovac