That Much I Can Say

By Jeffrey Zable

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In terms of an overall number from 1 to 10 on the happiness scale
I’d say that if I went back as far as I can remember up to the present
day, I’d give myself a 4 overall. I’d give myself a 4 because there
were times in my life in which I felt extremely depressed and even
suicidal. Then there were times in which I didn’t think very often
about suicide, yet wasn’t ecstatic about being alive either. The decent
times and the bad times came and went throughout my life, but I’d
have say that if you averaged in a mostly unhappy childhood, young
adulthood, including my twenties, but with considerable improvement
in my thirties, forties, and fifties, you’d have a guy who was a solid 4
overall. I know that a 4 is nothing to brag about and that if you were a 4
like myself, you might be asking yourself if it was really worth it. That is
something I still ask myself, but luckily at the moment I’m a 6, so at least
I’m not sitting around dwelling on the past and feeling sorry for myself.
That much I can say. . .

Jeffrey Zable