By Jose Romero

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Believe me,
nobody wants to be loved.

What good lies
in the isolated knowledge of one
who loves,
one who finds himself in love?
                          What good is it to me that you
                          love me?
The truth is irrelevant when it
comes to individuals.
                          What a useless thing—to be loved.

But to feel it, ah!
All souls, all spheres
of energy and matter
were created to seek it.
                          We bathe ourselves in the
                          hope to find it:
                          The feeling,
                          not the truth behind it.

For what is a color
other than the thing we see?
No reality can go beyond a belief,
becoming inconsequential.

Maybe they don’t know it,
maybe they can’t understand,
yet nobody really wants to be loved,
what they want is to feel as if they were.

– Jose Romero