Kait Mauro – Seasons

Seasons Winter Curl into yourself, avoid going outside because you hate the cold. Spend your mornings in thrift stores hunting for old paintings and model ships to nest into your new apartment. Run away to North Carolina to see the boy you’ve decided you love. Run away to Pittsburgh, then New York City over New […]

Jeffrey Zable – Anyway

Anyway It reminded me of the time I was at a high school dance and the pretty young woman I was secretly in love with was standing near the dance floor and I had every opportunity to walk up to her and ask her for a dance but told myself it wasn’t the right time […]

Dane Karmick – Unforeseen

Unforeseen Out of the blue your gray matter is tickled pink with flying colors you achieve peace so you’re cool as a cucumber your thoughts flat as a pancake because you see the whole enchilada the world is slow as molasses like a brush stroke over canvass that completes a portrait of bliss resembling some […]

Heather M. Browne – Just for a Moment

Just for a Moment Did you feel it stop? Just for a moment. The earth held its ground and waited for me. I was running late, just a few moments and would have missed you without the earth’s patience. I ran faster in its pausing and caught your eye as the air held its breath. […]

Kim Peter Kovac – Elements

Elements We like to think we’re built of major, minor, and trace elements, which use DNA as the recipe to mix and combine in patterns to make blood, bones, organs, skin,and such. Wrong. We are made of words. Words are in us from birth. As we grow, words take on meanings, so they can be combined and […]

Jenny Williamson – In the Room

In the Room It is more than a shadow over my face. It is my own skull rising out of my skin in slow motion; the years piled up in the yard like slaughtered wolves. Sometimes I catch my death in the corner of my left eye and trap it behind a contact lens. Other times it […]

Heather M. Browne – Her War Ghosts

Her War Ghosts The ghosts she did not know  Tinged her days, sepia shaded longing Sadness touching upon celebrations  Cooling the edges, chilling  her laughter The ghosts she did not know   Painted her moments, washing her walls  Their shadowy silhouettes hanging  Among family portraits  Photos of before or now lined the walls, never then  She looked […]


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