Heather M. Browne – Letter From Speedy Stevie

Letter From Speedy Stevie I’m sorry Daddy, I made you run. I tried to be good. I’m your Speedy Stevie, cuz I’m so fast and loud. I screamed real loud that night, huh? I didn’t know the coppers would come. I shouldn’ta tried to make you stop. Or go. Mama cries all night long, holding […]

AJ Urquidi – Forest

Forest The manchild moved to where boys go to bald: a forest of plaster, his language erased.                         A terrier brushed his leg,                         he longed to pet its fur.  A boy and girl threw sticks at their ball in a tree, he starved to reach up and embody their hero.                         Into his open […]

Karla Cordero – How to set an apple tree on fire

How to set an apple tree on fire The sun will tell you it is too early for destruction continue to shut the doors and windows to keep the house from coughing on your misery Basket the ripest apples and set them on your neighbor’s porch with a recipe for pie crust           Funeral his picture […]

Mark Burgh – Dead Man

Dead Man St. Mark’s Place at dawn, trash blown, summer light’s perfect clarity so good for artists, wasted here. Lower Manhattan, brick walls remain, black-painted window sills. Somehow I thought the old world hanging on here had some right to peace, even if then or now, there was no peace. From Alphabet City I walk, […]

Mark Burgh – The Spies of Warsaw

The Spies of Warsaw Cold rain stammers on lines of street bricks, worn ideas in rows, stained with tar or blood; read them at your leisure, coffee smoldering in her cup, your sweater bunched at the elbows. Eye shadow left open on the sink. Of tears there is a novel, or dictionary of smudged intentions. […]

Al Maginnes – If There Is An Afterlife

If There Is An Afterlife For Walter Butts  The fathers are waiting with their cigarettes and big stomachs for us to arrive. The place where they live does not have time, only space, and they fill it with talks of shortstops and bars, drill sergeants, meals remembered from the days of appetite. Worn jokes about […]

Al Maginnes – This Turtle’s Heart

This Turtle’s Heart There are secrets to how things are made, and they hold the world together. Learning these is part of what keeps us alive. How to clothe yourself and fry an egg, how to wash your clothes and show up on time. I thought about this today while I hung a pair of […]

Al Maginnes – Where the Famous Dead Have Fallen

Where the Famous Dead Have Fallen In his wallet, Dixon kept his ticket to the concert Lynyrd Skynyrd was flying to when his plane crashed. When he was home from college he used to ride with his friends to the field where Rick Nelson’s plane crashed on the last night of 1985. They drank beer […]

Robert S. King – Built on Bones

Built on Bones I have always lived by the laws of flesh shrinking tighter and shorter each hour. Now I’ve nothing to lose but cracking skin. Yet curiosity stretches wider, too strong an itch. In liquid imagination, I swan dive into the pool of my widest eye, splash down into the vast blue ocean of […]

Julie Shavin – Ambrosia

Ambrosia “Western wind, when will thou blow The small rain down can rain? Christ! If my love were in my arms, And I in my bed again.” – Anonymous Beyond the lamp-lit room is a plangent rain –rescuing trees from their near-drought dyings and I ponder the thousands of nights –of our separate sibilant lyings. […]


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