Kim Peter Kovac – Elements

Elements We like to think we’re built of major, minor, and trace elements, which use DNA as the recipe to mix and combine in patterns to make blood, bones, organs, skin,and such. Wrong. We are made of words. Words are in us from birth. As we grow, words take on meanings, so they can be combined and […]

Jenny Williamson – In the Room

In the Room It is more than a shadow over my face. It is my own skull rising out of my skin in slow motion; the years piled up in the yard like slaughtered wolves. Sometimes I catch my death in the corner of my left eye and trap it behind a contact lens. Other times it […]

Heather M. Browne – Her War Ghosts

Her War Ghosts The ghosts she did not know  Tinged her days, sepia shaded longing Sadness touching upon celebrations  Cooling the edges, chilling  her laughter The ghosts she did not know   Painted her moments, washing her walls  Their shadowy silhouettes hanging  Among family portraits  Photos of before or now lined the walls, never then  She looked […]

Ashley Shaw – Cannibalized Romance

Cannibalized Romance i seek shelter from the bomb of your bloated tongue your sneer, an angry gash frigid words blur your lips land like fists on mine inkblot bruises stain my neck i shed my dress trembling red rose petals limbs and skin and desperation clinging until we are spent i inhale the nicotine from […]

William Greenfield – Dusk

Dusk There is an ebbing of spirit; The part that marvels at a sailor’s sunset or finds solitude in the noise that crickets make. In the coming twilight I will perform a life sustaining walk past rolling leas and century old farm houses. My arms and legs will function like the involuntary beating of a […]

Kim Peter Kovac – Garcia Lorca and Darwish at the Alhambra de Granada

Garcia Lorca and Darwish at the Alhambra de Granada A frail man with a shock of hair and transparent skin shuffles across a red stone courtyard in the heart of Andalusia.  Amidst a cluster of buildings, he knows he must find the Citadel, and is drawn right, right, and then left. A Nasrid archway crowned […]

William Greenfield – Momma’s Boy Gone Bad

Momma’s Boy Gone Bad Dear Mother I am sorry for not coming to visit you, for not sitting cross-legged in the open field while reciting confessions to you. I am sorry you cannot hear my thousand thanks for the many model trains and superheroes that drove the family debt to somewhere between impossible and my […]


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