Robert Tomaro

Robert Tomaro holds a Ph. D. and Masters Degree in Music from New York
University. He is a writer, symphonic conductor, composer, and guitarist.
He is the Music Director of the Beloit Janesville Symphony in Wisconsin, and he has
conducted many of the premiere orchestras, including The London Symphony, The
Moravian Philharmonic, and The Silesian Philharmonic. His novel Dark Whisper will be
released this fall by Etopia Press. His short stories have appeared in Tribes (the literary
quarterly of Manhattan) and the Rockford Writers Guild quarterly publication. He is an
arts correspondent for the Rock River Times and classical and jazz editor for Cashbox
Magazine. As a composer and guitarist, he has just been nominated for two Grammy
Awards for his work on rock star Susan Aquila’s latest CD, Miss Conduct (Producer of
the Year and Best Instrumental and Vocal Arrangement for her performance on his
song “Why”).