Scott Jones

Scott Archer Jones is currently living and working on his sixth novel in northern New Mexico, after stints in the Netherlands, Scotland, and Norway (plus less exotic locations). He’s worked for a power company, grocers, a lumberyard, an energy company (for a very long time), and a winery. Now he’s on the masthead of the Prague Revue, and launched a novel last year with Southern Yellow Pine, Jupiter and Gilgamesh, a Novel of Sumeria and Texas. The next book is The Big Wheel.

He’s been a finalist a few writing contests but not yet a winner. He’s published here and there but received enough rejection to achieve humility.

Scott cuts all his own firewood, lives a mile from his nearest neighbor and writes grant applications for the community. He is the Treasurer of Shuter Library of Angel Fire, a private 501.C3, and desperately needs your money to keep the doors open.

Sit with the Dead
Lost Man with Vinyl Gloves
Street of Crocodiles